How to care for Emerald Gemstone rings

Published: 05th January 2010
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Emerald is a breathtakingly beautiful stone known for its royal association. Its rich green color is lush and intense to the extent that it never seizes to grab attention. The only thing about emerald is that it needs same pampering and care in nature as it is a gem softer in nature. You need to take even more care when this stone is worn in the form of a ring.

Avoid emerald for daily wear rings:

It's quit understandable if the beauty and charisma of emerald fascinates you to adopt this stone as a daily wear accessory. But as it is softer compared to other gems one should avoid choosing emerald rings as daily wear especially if you are involved in rugged occupations. Even if you happen to buy one for everyday wear make sure you protect it from stokes and scratching against rough surfaces.

Keep safe from heat and extreme temperatures:

Most emeralds come with heat and oil treatments done on them to fill fissures and cracks. Exposing emeralds to heat and extreme temperature may damage the oil treatment done to them making them venerable to breakage and cracks. Therefore emerald rings should not be worn while working around the kitchen or in extreme temperatures.

Timely maintenance:

Heat treatment done to emerald is not permanent in nature therefore they might require re- treatment periodically which is natural with emeralds. This in turn increases there life and durability. In addition to this care must be taken to get this treatment done from trusted sources only.

Cleaning the emerald jewelry:

As emeralds cannot withstand heavy cleaning with solvents and chemicals it should be cleaned regularly with soft cloth or brush to avoid accumulation of dirt. Never soak emeralds in water or detergent overnight as this might dissolve the oil treatment done to them. Clean them with a soft cloth or brush after rinsing them in lukewarm soapy water. Make sure you don't use harsh detergent.

Repairing with care:

When Repairing or resizing emerald ring make sure your jeweler removes the stone before working on mounting. Sharp blow can even break emerald apart in two pieces so make sure it is handled with care.


Emerald should not be stored with other gems or jewelry to avoid abrasion. They should be stored in cotton or soft jewelry wraps. Leaving your emerald ring lying open on vanity table is not at all recommended.

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