Ideas for getting the Engagement Ring Engraved

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Published: 15th December 2010
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An engagement ring is a very special piece of jewelry that holds a great deal of meaning and significance in a woman’s life. It is true that every woman holds this particular piece of jewelry really close to her heart and irrespective of the way it looks she treasures her engagement ring for as long as she lives. However there are certain engagement rings that with a personal and exceptional touch look not only beautiful but become even more significant.

So if you are planning to surprise your sweetheart with an extraordinary engagement ring, make sure you add that extra something that will add to its symbolism. With a little engraving on the engagement ring not only will you communicate your heartfelt love for her but will also add a unique and personal touch to the ring making it even more cherished for your beloved.

The most obvious engravings would be your darling’s name or her initials. You can even add to that the date you first met or any other special date that you both share. Needless to mention the simple words ‘I love you’ would also be perfect as an engagement ring engraving for it communicates in the most basic words how very much she means to you.

Something really romantic would be a phrase or a few words from a love song, but here’s one thing that you must keep in mind, there is not much text that a ring engraving can accommodate so it has to be something that is short and precise. You can even have the special name you call her by engraved and trust me this is something that is sure to light up her face every time she steals a glance at her favorite engagement ring.

Symbols without saying much can still manage to communicate a great deal and in the case of an engagement ring engraving what can possibly be more suitable than a the symbol of a heart. Get a heart symbol engraved on the engagement ring and an even better idea would be to engrave her initials or both your initials right at the center of the heart. Don’t forget women are die hard romantics and an act like this is sure to steal her very heart away.

Now that you have al the wonderful engagement ring ideas make sure you put them to the right use and see your love bask in sheer joy.

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